Why Automatic?

The superior watch movement

Have you ever wondered what tends to separate cheap watches with those that cost thousands of pounds? Well, of course there is heritage, materials and build quality, but there is one key difference; the Automatic Movement.

Time Powered By Your Movement

An automatic watch is one that does not require a battery. Inside an automatic watch there is a small weighted rotor that spins creating kinetic energy; this motion is created from the wearer’s everyday arm movements. It is this kinetic energy, stored on something called the mainspring, which powers the watch.

The Origins of Portable Timekeeping

Automatic watches are regarded as the most sophisticated watches in the world and are seen on the arms of the world’s elite. They are revered for their craftsmanship, accuracy and heritage. The first winding movement was invented for pocket watches in 1770 by Swiss horologist Abraham Louis Perrelet.

The Distinguished Individual

In a digital age where mobile phones, quartz movements and digital watches, an automatic watch is truly a way to pull away from the pack. An automatic wristwatch defines character as it represents genuine quality and a refined sense of taste. A watch tells you a lot about a person…

A Lifelong Companion

When properly maintained, an automatic wristwatch will become your long-term companion. It will be with you during the special moments of your life. Your wedding, that important interview, even during the birth of your future child. You’ll be creating precious moments with your wristwatch that can then be passed on through the generations of your family in the form of a precious heirloom.

An Ancient Tradition

At Bateren & Co, we value the ancient tradition and precision engineering that goes going into an automatic movement, that’s way we have decided to incorporate them into our watches.

Our Pacemarker 1 model is no exception to this, boasting its automatic movement as well as a myriad of other design features which truly set it apart, making it stronger than the average. Click below for more information.

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