Our Story

The Dapper Manager

Marho Bateren, the founder of Bateren & Co, had just begun working for one of the world’s largest firms. An aspiring and impressionable young lad from the North of England was now sitting amongst a sea of tailored suits, perfectly polished shoes and shiny wristwatches.

His manager was no exception to the norm. He insisted on the very best. The finest materials for his suits, immaculate shoes and, of course, an automatic timepiece. “There’s no point in a watch if it doesn’t have a beating heart, it’s all about the craftsmanship”.

“As soon as payday came around, it was time to look the part. New suit, check! New shoes, check! New wristwatch, …hmmm…”

Why So Expensive?

…You see, the problem was that although there were many wristwatches to choose from, it was hard to find an automatic watch for anything less than £1,000! Surely there should be an alternative?

The other thing that was noticeable was the huge difference in quality. Although quite pricey, many watches were made of the same materials as cheaper watches. They often even had the same features such as the level of water resistance. It was hard to understand what represented the best value.

Feeling confused and slightly deflated, he left the store. There didn’t seem to be a watch available that was made with high grade materials and incorporated a quality automatic movement that didn’t cost the earth! It was for these reason that Bateren & Co was founded.

Our Mandate

By harnessing high quality materials and standards, Bateren & Co is committed to creating watches that are truly stronger than your average.

We endeavor to engineer watches that can withstand the stresses and demands of the most challenging situations, giving you the confidence to keep going, what ever situation you find yourself in.

Quality – value – strength – GUARANTEED





Marho Bateren

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